One thing you can do to fight against the COVID-19 when stay at home.

April 10, 2020

One thing you can do to fight against the COVID-19 when stay at home.

As the COVID 19 epidemic continues to spread, more and more people should be considering exercise and fitness.  Cycling is one way to adhere to the Social Distance ordinances now in place in most of the country.  Health agencies across the country are suggesting for people to go on Walks, Hikes and Bike Rides, JUST DO NOT DO IT IN GROUPS (outside your immediate family).  

There are many benefits to be gained from cycling and we have compiled a shortlist of some of those benefits:

1. Improving Immunity

Cycling can improve your immune system. Many people are sedentary- not getting enough exercise. It can easily enable for weight gain and increases health risks such as Obesity, High Blood Pressure, and Heart Disease. This will cause your natural body resistance and immunity to being less resilient. Establishing a cycling routine can increase your cardio muscle strength and improve its immune functionality.

2. Promoting blood circulation in lower limbs

Cycling is beneficial to the improvement of blood circulation to your lower limbs. It also stimulates and improves the function of your heart and lungs, which reduces your risk of cardiovascular-related diseases. It does so by strengthening your heart muscles, lowering your pulse rate and reduces blood fat levels.

3. Losing Weight

Riding a bike is a popular way to lose weight OVER time. A bike ride utilizes your legs which are the largest limbs of our body and will help prevent numbness in your body due to insufficient blood flow. Increasing the motion of our legs increases adipose combustion which, is vital in turning stored fat cells into energy within your body. This helps with weight control over time and prevents the effects of obesity.

4. Improving Muscle Strength

Riding a bicycle regularly will increase muscle strength, tone your legs, hamstrings, calves and more importantly, it strengthens your heart and lungs increasing cardiopulmonary functions by getting more oxygen in your lungs.COVID19 breaks down the ability of oxygen to get into your lungs making it a struggle to breathe. Bike riding builds a healthy flow of blood through your blood vessels. 


There are several benefits to riding a bike but a couple of things can hinder your ride and should not be ignored:


1. Check the condition of your bike before you ride

As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Riding a bicycle in good working condition can have a huge impact if you are going to get on that bike again or not. Take your bike to a local Bike Shop and get it Tuned Up or Checked out and Sized for your body. Bike riding should be a pleasant experience being able to control the bike (acceleration, braking, steering will build confidence) having a proper fit will make your ride for a more comfortable ride. Make sure you check your air pressure and fill them to the appropriate pressure that is stamped on the sidewall of your tires, also check your brakes make sure they will stop the bike.


2. Follow Rules of the Road

Cyclists need to follow the same rules of the road as a motorist. Ride with Traffic, Take the lane, Be aware of your surroundings, Make eye contact with an oncoming motorist (Don’t take it for granted that they have seen you), Safe Riding is your responsibility and it will help keep you from being injured or cause injury to others.


3. Ride within your ability

When riding a bike, you should know your ability in acceleration and deceleration of that Bicycle. Be aware of other cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists in your immediate area. Be predictable with your moves, use hand signals when stopping, changing lanes, and avoid sudden speed acceleration and deceleration. Make eye contact when approaching Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Motorists, Ride Defensively, Responsibly and be Courteous.


4. Get your protective gears on

It is always a good idea to take protective measures when riding a bike.  To help you from being hurt, we suggest wearing a helmet, gloves and in some cases knee pads for younger members of your family that may have an accidental fall.

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Stay Home Does not mean Not be Active, Take care out there and ride safe, we're in together!



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