【Free Shipping】 NEMO Only 30LBS | 36V 250W Motor | 7Ah Samsung Battery | Over 25Miles Range

Gloss Pearl White
Satin Black
Satin Dark Red

Introducing the 16inch Nemo by QualiSports   

  • Nemo is compact and cute but it's not something to clown around. 
  • It's impressive range covers extremely long distances with very light pedaling. 
  • Samsung cells power the Nemo with ease even with headwind. 
  • Lightweight, easy-fold and gets in & out your backseat with ease.  
  • Nemo is a serious commuter, travel companion and a reliable space-saving ebike.
  • Free Fenders /Head Light/ Rear Light/ Bell/ Tool Bag /Thumb Throttle / Kick Stand
  • Warranty Policy
  • Free Shipping

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