1. How fast do electric bikes go?

Differs slightly by models, but the average top speed of Qualiebikes is 20mph while using pedal assist on flat ground.

 2. How far can Qualibikes go on a single charge?

Also, differs slightly by model, but the range averages 25 to 30 miles on a single charge using primarily electric power. Using pedal assist can increase mileage. Some riders have achieved over 50 miles on a single charge when lightly pedaling the whole time.  Please note that the range can also be affected by the weight of the rider, the riding terrain, and temperature

 3. How much do Qualibikes cost?
All pricing and purchase options for Qualisports Electric Bikes can be found online. The bikes start at $899 and go up depending on model and accessories.

 4. Is the assembly of my new e-bike difficult?

Qualisports bikes are shipped at fully assembled. You just need to take out the bike from the box,  
unfold it and connect the battery to the controller and then, take it for a ride!  All bikes come with a set of fenders, a flashlight will batteries, a bell and a bag of tools you may need.

 5. Is there a warranty on Qualisports electric bikes?
You bet.  We have one year warranty for the whole bike, not covering the consumables like brakes and chains.  We'll replace the battery if it fails (not damaged by personal factors) within the warranty.

 6. How long does it take to charge the battery of an electric bike?
Approximately 3-8 hours from empty to full charge depends on what type you’ve got.  For Nemo and Volador, 3-4 hours will be okay and for Beluga, it takes 7-8 hours to fully charge.

 7. Do I need a driver’s license to ride a Qualisports Electric Bike?
No, because it is considered a bicycle. However, there are some particular State laws that pertain to electric bikes so check your own State to know what might be required.

 8. What is the lifespan of my e-bike battery?
Qualisports uses high-quality lithium-ion batteries for our electric bikes that can be recharged about 600-800 times, varies from type.


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