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How To Ride a Qualisports USA E-bike

How To Ride a Qualisports USA E-bike

Owning an e-bike gives you access to a whole new world of adventure. You can ride faster and go farther than you ever thought possible. But with great fun comes great responsibility.

Riding an electric bike is easier than you'd believe. Here are five things you should know before you hop on your Qualisports USA e-bike for your first ride.

First, and this may seem obvious, e-bikes accelerate faster than regular bikes. It’s tempting to ramp your e-bike up to the fastest setting right away. We recommend getting used to your bike’s lower settings first.

Secondly, you need to start slowing down sooner on an e-bike. E-bikes have slightly heavier frames than regular bikes without subjecting you to velocity lessons. And, as you know, they move faster. More power, more speed, and more weight mean you’ll need more time to react once you get moving.

While we’re on the subject of brakes, the third thing you should know is that e-bikes have stronger brakes than you might be used to. E-bikes have disc brakes, which offer more power, control, and precision. Keep this in mind before you grab a handful of that brake lever. Practice lowering your speed gradually and with a lighter hand when you’re riding your new e-bike. Never grab just your front brake lever. Brake with both front and rear evenly.

The next thing to remember is that e-bikes look a heck of a lot like regular bikes. This means that when drivers or pedestrians see you, they might not expect you to be cruising along at 20 miles per hour. So, when you’re on your e-bike, it’s even more important to pay attention to your surroundings. You’re going to need more time to react when you’re moving faster, and so will everyone around you. This rule is fundamental when you’re riding on a shared path. Always be mindful of your speed when riding in a busy or crowded area like a bike path. Always slow down and give a verbal cue to indicate your presence when you’re approaching other riders, joggers, and anyone else who might be out enjoying their day. A suitable method is to say, “on your left” and ring your bell as you approach.

And lastly— don’t forget that all traditional bike safety rules still apply when you’re riding your Qualisports USA e-bike. Understand and adhere to the traffic laws in your area. Always wear a helmet. Make sure your bike is equipped with daytime running lights. Make sure you've dressed appropriately for riding the e-bike and for whatever weather conditions are in the forecast. With that, you’re almost ready to ride. Make sure to read your owner’s manual before you head out. Get a clamp lock to protect your new investment. And don’t hesitate to reach out to Qualisports USA with any questions.

Oh, and there’s one more thing…

When you ride your e-bike, it’s mandatory that you have fun.


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