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    Andrew J. Leone

  • I looked at quite a few e bikes before making the purchase. I went with the Qualisports because I wanted a e-bike that could fold down and be more mobile. I have loved the bikes so far (I purchased two so I can ride with my wife or kids). Everyone in the family takes turns on these things. They are such a blast to ride. They are very big and sturdy and show no signs of being a folding bike when riding. I get compliments on the bikes everywhere I take them. Usually it's "that is the coolest e-bike I have ever seen". Qualisports has excellent customer support. They usually respond to emails the same day. If you are looking for a great foldable e-bike you can't go wrong with the Qualisports. 5*+

    Karen M. Hennes

  • Great little city commuter/errand bike. I've only been riding it 3 days, but it's been a lot of fun.  I'm replacing the seat with something a little cushier, but everybody's body is different (I'm skinny) and the stock seat might be fine for some.

    No regrets :)


  • Fantastic little bike, just small enough to carry up and down the stairs to my apartment. The motor is quiet and powerful and the stealthy design means most people don’t realise its an Ebike. I use it to make the 18km round trip to school and it hasn’t missed a beat, i get great range out of the battery between 50-30km it just depends how hard you ride it ☺️
    Excellent customer Service from one of their sales reps Alex, he answered all of my many questions before ordering and kept me informed during shipping when there was a delay. 
    Make sure u order with the throttle its fantastic and not many Ebikes have this feature.


  • Truly use this bike to ride long distances even go to work I live in Miami beach and its been a life saver its so portable and i leave in my bedroom at night :) lats over 30mi on a single charge which is massive!

    Peter Tapia

  • Great Bike with Top Quality.

    Martin Lutz

  • Light weight and compact - The perfect fat tire bike when space and weight are important. Qualisports really do build quality bikes.


  • When you look at the design of this bicycle at first glance you will not recognize it as an electric Bike. The BELUGA is a practical to have for your treks across the city or just around the corner, the Beluga has impressive power and is Fun to Ride. I only used the Electric Assist function when I needed an extra push getting over a hump or hill, it was easy to go conventional power to electric power on the fly.
    I highly recommend this Bike, You will not be disappointed!

    Carlos Morales

  • I'm over the moon to finally find the QualiSports volador. I'm 5 feet tall and I don't want to move a 50 lb electric bike around. Most electric bikes in the US call themselves lightweight, but at 40 lb - 60 lb they're lying. This bike is ACTUALLY lightweight. My regular folding bike is almost 30 lb. So at 36 lb, with electric, this is probably the lightest bike on the market that still has a comfortable ride. I was at first worried that the size of the tires might make it a less comfortable ride. But in fact, the company has already considered this and installed a slightly fatter tire on this 20 in wheel, and that has made all the difference. Not only is it more comfortable to ride because of the extra cushion, but the extra grip gives this small wheeled bike that extra bit of stability. Today I rode on the bike both on gravel & on asphalt and it has performed extremely well. Just about everything on this bike is perfect, from the way the handlebar has an easy released tilt which makes the folding slightly easier, to the five different levels of pedal assist with a smooth transition, to the throttle, which gives you that extra optionality. The only nitpick thing I would want on the bike, would be a magnet to make it stay put when it is folded, and for the rack to somehow account for the folded shape and not be in the way of the fold. But I really can't complain given the price point. Customer service has been phenomenal, and I love this bike to the moon and back.


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