Prepare to be delighted as we unveil our premium electric bikes, carefully packaged and ready for adventure. Get a firsthand look at what awaits you inside the box and witness the joy of unboxing your very own Qualisports electric bike. Let the anticipation build, and let's dive into the unboxing experience together!

The Qualisports Model 5 folds easily, It's a purpose-built electric bike that looks beautiful and is nearly feature complete, and could be ridden day or night, rain or shine keeping you safe and clean.

The Qualisports Dolphin Plus is a folding electric bike with two hidden batteries, offering extended range!

Qualisports folding structure makes the folding size only 830*430*720mm, weights only less than 50lbs with the seat post. It can easily fit in the back of an SUV, in the trunk of a car, RV and easily folds for ease of transportation.

Qualisports Volador Review


Here, we'll guide you through the simple and straightforward steps to make the most of your electric bike. Whether you're assembling your new ride or need maintenance tips, our experts are here to assist you every pedal of the way.

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