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2023 USA NEWEST Guide To Electric Bikes Rebate

2023 USA NEWEST Guide To Electric Bikes Rebate

Last update time: 20/4/2023

In order to protect the environment, build cleaner cities, and improve the quality of resident's life, we should drive less and exercise more. Electric bicycles are the perfect choice for those drivers who are not too far away from their destinations.

Also, it is a good choice for those who take their children to school and won't get stuck in traffic jams. Electric bikes can provide fast and efficient personal transportation. And most important, the rebate programs many US states have launched, can help reduce the cost of some expensive e-bikes, and let electric bikes more affordable to anyone than ever before.

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When a national electric bike subsidy looked likely to last year, but finally failed. The good thing is, there are cities and states picked up. Vermont is the first state who launched the incentive program for electric bikes in the US.

I think this is the exactly way how money should be spent, If you want to make efforts to invest in your state, by improving roads, improving resident's health and improving lives, be environmentally friendly, invest in transport like electric bikes, electric scooters will be a good choice.

Most states adopt the same class 1,2,3 e-bike laws, so make sure you are aware of e-bike's class before purchasing an electric bicycle.


Quick look for e-bike rebates by states:


Texas                     California                      Colorado                   Connecticut

Hawaii                   Massachusetts             Ohio                           Virginia

New York              Oklahoma                     Rhode Island              Vermont

Oregon                 Tennessee


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This state didn't have any statewide programs yet. But Austin does have substantial programs. For example, Austin Energy E-Ride rebates details are below:


For individual:

$500-$999 e-bike gets a $200 rebate

$1000-$1999 e-bike gets a $400 rebate

$2000 and above e-bike gets a $600 rebate


For Individual Customer Assistance Program (CAP) Customers:

$500-$999 e-bike gets a $300 rebate

$1000-$1999 e-bike gets a $700 rebate

$2000 and above e-bike gets a $1300 rebate


For riding fleet:

$500-$999 e-bike gets a $400 rebate

$1000-$1999 e-bike gets a $600 rebate

$2000 and above e-bike gets an $800 rebate

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Rebates above are affected since January 1, 2023. Also, there are restrictions such as you must receive electricity from Austin Energy, the electric bike must be new and must be purchased from Austin Energy's approved dealership list, incentive application must be submitted within 60 days of your purchase.

For the riding fleet, there will be more restrictions: one must purchase between 5 to 25 qualified electric bikes and each e-bike of the fleet must display Austin Energy branding, all electric bikes must be in service for at least one year(exclude those e-bikes damaged beyond repair).



About $10 million rebate in this state, includes class 1,2 electric bikes but excludes class 3 e-bikes. $750 for standard e-bikes, $1500 for cargo electric bicycles, or adaptive e-bikes.

What's more, people whose income is below 225% FPL(Federal Poverty Level), or who live in DAC(Disadvantaged Community) are qualified for additional $250 incentives.

Restrictions also, the buyer must be a California resident, electric bike stores must be in California, income cap must below 300% FPL.

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It has approved a $12 million rebate, but now I can't find any details yet, latest news I can find said it will be available to individuals early summer 2023, now it is april 2023, it should be coming verrrrrry soon, I guess.



This state's rebate for electric bikes is up to $750, this rebate depends on the e-bike price before any taxes or any extra fees.

If you want to reach the highest rebate, you might need to purchase an e-bike that cost more than $2500.

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Restrictions are motor power no more than 750 watts (1 horsepower), pure electric top speed under 20 miles per hour, must be purchased from a store in Connecticut, must only used as personal transit and not for business.



The state gives a 20%(up to $500) rebate for electric bicycle and electric motorcycles, but its restrictions seems just suitable for high school students.

Buyer must above 18 years old, can not have a vehicle with 4 wheels or more, must be enrolled in school or university.



The rebate depends on your income, from $500(general) to $750(low income), suitable for class 1,2 e-bikes, total rebate is $1 million.

If want more details, that will be expected in May or June of 2023.

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I haven't found any statewide programs but city programs, Columbus offers a rebate up to $100 for purchasing an electric bicycle. The total rebate is $250,000.



This is an odd one I think, the law about this passed in 2021, but the founding never came, and nothing happened since that.


New York

For class 1,2,3 electric bicycles, would offer 50% off e-bike purchases, up to $1,100.

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If bill SB-435 is passed, it can provide a $200 tax credit towards new e-bike purchasing. Though it is not as attractive as other programs, it is better than nothing.


Rhode Island

75%(up to $1,000) of the cost of e-bike for low income household; for high income, the rebate will be 30%(up to $400). Can apply for class 1,2,3 electric bicycles.

The total incentive amount will be $250,000 and the e-bikes must be purchased in Rhode Island.



The total rebate is $50,000 and $400 for each e-bike, but currently on hold because out of money.

Restrictions said that must be a new electric bicycle, motor power must be 750 watt or less.

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The new bill will offer $400 for general residents, people who make 80% of the area median income will be $1,200. The total amount of incentive is $6 million for the first two years, and $2 million of that would be used for rebating the low-income resident.

The original bill would have funded a total of 5,000 rebates while the new bill can now fund double, about 10,000 rebates. And not required you own the electric bike for at least one year anymore.

By the way, e-bike accessories purchased within the same transaction, such as a helmet or light, or lock, can also be covered by the rebate.



There is no statewide program in this state, but Nashville does have programs in play consider a resolution dedicating $1 million of federal COVID founds for electric bike rebates.

Basic level rebate is $300 for an electric bike and $500 for an electric cargo bike. The income-qualified rebate is up to $1400 for an electric bike and electric cargo bike, And suitable for class 1,2,3 electric bikes.

What is 'income-suitable'? means people earning below 80% of the area median income for Nashville & Davidson County or below 200% of the FPL(Federal Poverty Level)

Easy easy, don't be too excited, look at the latest progress in the picture below: 'deferred indefinity' in 4/4/2023.

Tennessee electric bike rebate 


All information in the article above comes from an internet search, so it may be delayed, just for reference, for more specific details you should refer to local state release.

For more information, visit us at

Qualisports, delight your life.

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    Yvette Meekins

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    Would like to try out program

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