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Electric Bike Tire Maintenance

Electric Bike Tire Maintenance

It is well-known to us that tires are crucial for bicycles, tires play a key role. Especially in high-intensity usage scenarios, improper use and lack of maintenance can accelerate tire wear, leading to tire aging, blowouts, and other issues. Therefore, it is vital for vehicle owners to maintain their tires properly. What are the key points for tire maintenance? Here are several suggestions for your reference.

  1. Proper Tire Pressure Insufficient tire pressure can lead to flat tires, which not only increases resistance and makes riding more laborious but also enlarges the friction area, accelerating tire wear. Conversely, over-inflated tires can cause internal air expansion, shortening the tire's lifespan. Therefore, you should inflate your tires according to the specified pressure values; in winter, inflate to the highest value, and in summer, slightly lower.

  2. Tire Cleaning After riding, you should clean the tires to remove debris and wipe them dry with a cloth. This prevents oils, hydrocarbons, and corrosive substances from adhering to the tires and causing deterioration. Also, avoid direct sunlight exposure. If not used for an extended period, road bike tires should be inflated to 70-90 psi, and mountain bike tires should be kept at 30-40 psi. As Qualisports Nemo kept at 35-45 psi, Volador at 40-65 psi, Dolphin at 35-60 psi, Beluga at MAX.35 psi.

  3. Overloading Although overloading rarely occurs with cyclists, it is undoubtedly one of the factors affecting tire lifespan. It will accelerating tire wear.

  4. Avoiding Sun Exposure Owners of bicycles typically take great care to avoid exposing their bikes to the sun. Tires are made of rubber, exposure to intense sunlight can accelerate tire aging. Besides, our electric bikes are equipped with lithium-ion battery, you should avoid strong sunlight as much as possible for batteries.

  5. Avoiding Chemicals Bicycle tires should be kept away from salt, acids, alkalis, and oils. Particularly when applying chain oil to bicycle parts, be careful not to let it drip onto the tires, as this may cause tire deterioration and reduce their lifespan.

  6. Exchange Front and Rear Tires After using the tires for a period, it is best to swap the front and rear tires.  This can helps even out tire wear and extends their lifespan. For the driving wheels of tires, wear is relatively high.

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