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How to use the brakes: The last is the most important.

How to use the brakes: The last is the most important.

Do you really know how to use the brakes? For most of us, we just know how to 'USE' the brakes, but you don't necessarily know 'HOW' to use the brakes


Use front and rear brakes

Most E-bikes are equipped with two brakes, front and rear. Using two brakes can better balance the E-bike while braking, slow down quickly, and reduce the risk of sideslip and rollover. The front brake is mainly used for rapid deceleration, while the rear brake is mainly used for slowing down smoothly.


Early braking

Before slowing down or stopping, brake early or interrupt the power output to give yourself enough time to slow down and react. This will be safer and more energy saving. Don't wait for an emergency braking.


Slowly apply pressure

When braking, apply pressure slowly instead of suddenly pulling the brake lever (unless emergency braking is required). Sudden braking may cause the wheels to lock up, causing you to lose control, such as slipping or overturning. If you are not particularly experienced in braking, please try to increase the brake pressure slowly until you reach the required deceleration.


Be careful when using the front brake

The front brake can provide more braking force than the rear brake, but if you suddenly pull hard on it while riding at high speed, it may cause the E-bike (including yourself) to flip over, the rear wheel to lift off the ground, overturn, and fall. So when using the front brake in an emergency, try to move your weight back as much as possible to gain more braking force while avoiding flipping over.


Maintain the brake system

Ensure that your E-bike's brake system is in good working condition. Regularly inspect the brake pads and brake cables to ensure they are not worn or damaged.


Learn emergency braking techniques

In emergency situations, it is necessary to brake more forcefully. If you are at risk of locking the brakes, you can try alternately pressing the front and rear brakes to maintain control.


Pay attention to road conditions

Wet, cluttered, muddy, or uneven roads require more careful use of the brakes, as these conditions can result in longer braking distances and easy loss of control and sideslip. Even if you are very experienced in how to brake, you need to pay attention to safety, and increase the braking force more slowly when braking.


Be familiar with the 'personality' of the brakes

Last but most importantly, you must be familiar with the brakes on the E-bike you are about to use, yeah, the ‘personality’ of the brakes. Because each brake (or brake used by each person) has a different personality. Some are soft, some are hard, some require the entire travel distance to lock, some require 1/2, and some only require 1/3. If you are not familiar with it, it is likely that you will not be able to brake in an emergency, or suddenly lock up and cause a rollover.


In short

The correct braking method for E-bikes is to brake cautiously, moderately, and predictably to maintain safety. Following these principles can help you reduce the risk of accidents while cycling.



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  • Max

    What is the part # I look up to find replacement brakes for my beluga?

    April 01, 2024
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