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Qualisports Join Hands with Zen Motorsport to Brighten up the Competition

Qualisports Join Hands with Zen Motorsport to Brighten up the Competition

As always,keep #Qualisports passion.

After saying goodbye to F1 racing in France. Now here we are, F3 Asian Championship in Suzuka Circuit, Japan.

Qualisports & Zen Motorsport


The F3 Asian Championship is fully certified by motorsports’ world governing body, the FIA, and began in 2018, with a 5-round, 15-race season held at Malaysia and China’s F1 circuits and the Ningbo International Speedway in China. In 2019, the championship’s second season sees an expanded calendar - which includes rounds in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and China - and an impressive international field of young single seater talent.


Qualisports-The Fast and the Furious


Adopting the new FIA F3 single chassis and engine concept, the focus of the Championship is firmly on performance, safety and cost control, while the dynamic Asian region provides the ideal showcase for up-and-coming talent from every nation to make their names.

 Qualisports 16inch Folding E-bike with Zen Motorsports in Japan

The Tatuus F3 T-318 car complies fully with the latest FIA specifications and features a number of enhanced safety features including the new Halo device and improved side impact protection. It has a six-speed paddle shift gear box and is powered by a 270hp turbo engine. The official tire supplier to the championship is Giti Tires.

Qualisports-16inch -bike-the Fast and the Furious

Organised by respected and experienced pan-Asian promoter Top Speed, the Championship is the first of its kind for the region.

The Fast and the Furious with Qualisports Folding E-bike

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