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Top 8 Best Accessories For E-bike You MUST Know

Top 8 Best Accessories For E-bike You MUST Know

So, you just buy a new electric bike? Can't wait to go out for a ride? Wait! Do you know what your bike needs? You need more accessories to make it more functional, more safer. Let us introduce the top 8 accessories you should have to be an electric bike rider.

qualisports folding electric bike lock

Prices from $2.99 to $300+ on Amazon, you can choose a suitable one by referring to lock test reviews on YouTube.

You must have a bike lock because you will ride your loverly electric bike to visit your friends or go to store for some shopping, you have to leave your electric bike outside, so give your electric bike a high-quality lock; they come with various shapes and sizes, such as normal U-lock, chain lock, Disc-lock... personally, I prefer the Disc-lock because the size, very space-saving (BUT your e-bike must have Disc brake).

We suggest you never ever leave your electric bike outside by itself being unlocked, Because e-bikes are not cheap, and if lost, that will be very sad.

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qualisports folding electric bike bell


I'm not joking, it is a really important part, when you ride past other people, you should let them know you are coming to prevent an accident.

It always comes from mechanical or electrical, my suggestion is the mechanical one, cheap and enough for use. The good news is all types of Qualisports folding electric bikes are equipped with a bell, no need to buy it extra.


If you often need to leave your e-bike outside for a long time, you should consider buying a bike alarm. The electric bike is not as heavy as a car, if someone wants to steal it, the lock just can slow the thief down; but with the alarm, when it detects movement of your electric bike, it will go off to let other people notice that someone is moving your electric bike.

If you want to save some space on your e-bike, you can try some alarms that also have the function of a bell or headlight or any other functions.


While riding, whether you like it or not, you should wear gloves to prevent any damage to your hands while crashdown, nobody wants to crash, but it does happen, so we should prepare for it.

There are many types of gloves, generally, we can divide them into full-finger type and half-finger type. Different people prefer different types, choose one you like, but remember, it must comfortable while wearing it, have a good trip.

Do you think wearing gloves is just for safety? NO! Many riders may suffer from handlebar palsy, due to long-time compression of a nerve in their wrist, that also lets them feel pain. If it is serious, they may risk suffering from nerve damage too.

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qualisports folding electric bike pedal

What? pedals? yes, but what I mean is quick-release pedals or foldable pedals, especially for folding electric bikes! When you fold your electric bikes and carry them, the normal pedals might scratch your car, good news is, our electric bikes are all equipped with foldable pedals.


Actually, the phone mount was the first accessory I bought for my folding electric bike. I like riding my electric bike for exploring many new places, and I need a map to ensure not lost my way, so I use my phone for directions, I don't want to stop every several minutes to look at my phone to make sure where I am. it's very convenient to look for directions on my phone with a phone mount. BUT, DO NOT operate your phone while riding!


qualisports folding electric bike light


It's very important to have front and tail lights on your electric bike. They can make you more visible both at daytime and night, let other people or vehicles notice, and also light up your way when at night.

Honestly, I hadn't bought lights for my first bike until I got crashed because of a big gap on the road, I can't see the road clearly at night, so I broke my new bike's rim, and my both hands were injured. Yes, not only I didn't have lights, but also I didn't wear gloves... I'm so pitiful...The good news is, now our folding electric bikes are all equipped with lights.


qualisports folding electric bike helmet


Whether it's legal to ride a normal bike or electric bike in your region without a helmet, we HIGHLY recommend you wear a helmet for your safety. Nowadays, electric bikes are fast, class 1&2 e-bikes can reach 20 MPH, class 3 e-bikes can reach 28 MPH, so an approved helmet is needed.

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