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Why is Now the Best Time to Own An E-BIKE

Why is Now the Best Time to Own An E-BIKE

We have been enduring the so-called hard days after the striking of Covid and the unexpected catastrophic climate. Technical recession in the economy, consistently rising energy bills, and drought are already parts of our daily life. At this moment, we have to consider taking every single step to control our life consumption.


Why not e-bikes?

When you are struggling out of the long line of cars, the soaring gas price, and even the grinding parking, you may need to consider how to hold back your annoyance smoothly. For the E-bike journey, plenty of reasons stand for it. Chill out. We are not persuading you to ditch your cars and turn to e-bikes solely. What we do is to show you another attitude and solution towards commuting or living. Though it was not your first choice for daily transport till now, considering its contribution to global sustainability, we suggest you take a trial on it.


A small change means a big contribution to the blue planet

Vehicles powered by unsustainable energies often produce dangerous chemicals like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon, which are also the pathogenic substances of some human diseases, such as tuberculosis and asthma. With the advancing technology of rechargeable and recyclable batteries, we can not only enhance the performance of e-bikes but also improve resource utilization. Therefore, there is no more waste in electric bikes. Upon the ride, each mile you pass would save around half a kilogram of carbon dioxide emission compared to car driving. 

According to NOAA, July 2022 average global surface temperature was the sixth warmest for July since international records began in 1880. Most of the contiguous U.S. had warmer-than-average record-warm temperatures last month, marking this the third-warmest July in the lower 48 states. If we do not take any measures now, the record will definitely be refreshed one by one. However, once we hop on our e-bikes, we will significantly reduce the harmful fumes produced by vehicles and industries. To avoid more air and noise pollution, you can pick up an electric bike that fits you well, which will help sustainable development.


More convenience and benefits in such a challenging period

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, most people have been having difficulties of commuting, especially on public transport. Restrictions like social distance will only make your commute longer and harder. Plus, with the soaring gasoline price that has risen to $4.599 a gallon on the day and even higher in the future, a portable and eco-friendly e-bike can be a good investment. Even if some people use a mixture of e-bikes and cars, it can save them a little fortune in the long run. In addition, with a light but powerful e-bike loaded with advanced PAS technology, riders can reach farther places without soaking their clothes. And compared to average bikes, you do not need to worry about the time cost. You can easily reach your destination on time with a light pedal or twist of the throttle.

photo by brett-sayles 

The French government has released the latest scheme to provide up to €4000 subsidy for those families who plan to purchase eco-friendly folding E-bikes. President Biden issued the Inflation Reduction Act which covers $375 billion for the climate change fight. With increasing government support, it is the best time to choose E-bike for the future.



Having been in business for more than 8 years, Qualisports USA is a bunch of energetic and green people committed to trying everything possible to support sustainable development and build quality folding e-bikes. 

Quality is in our name, and we build our products with quality parts inside and out.

In the past, we surveyed our community to find sustainable transportation. Four different but well-designed types of folding E-bikes were launched to our customers one year later. Upon their release, they gained an excellent reputation in our community. Nemo and Volador are like your Bluetooth or AirPods, which can be taken with you more easily. While Dolphin and Beluga are more like power banks or portable chargers, which will guarantee longer usage for your activities.


reviews of qualisports ebikes

There is no push stronger than the trust and support of every respected customer. We are so proud that we have won the reviews and made many friends on the way to success.

If you are interested in riding but not know much about folding e-bikes, feel free to contact us in the social community.

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    It was a great article. thanks for covering such a great piece of information. It’s e-bike era, eco-friendly.

    March 22, 2023
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