Middle-aged man riding Qualisports Dolphin electric bike passing through mountain road
Middle-aged woman riding Qualisports' Dolphin electric bike passing through mountain road
Middle-aged man with Dolphin electric bike taking a break at the campsite, cooking sunny-side-up eggs

RV Traveler


Any time we are camped at a campsite, if there are places to ride, we bring out the Dolphins and use them, if possible, as our main form of transportation. We try to find campgrounds that either have "rail trails" or bike trails. Ideally we like campsites where we can ride into town and explore.

weekend riding

Exploring Surrounding Areas

When parked at a campground or RV park, folding eBike allows you to explore local attractions, shops, restaurants, and natural scenery without needing to move the RV.

Additionally, many campgrounds and RV parks are located near biking trails, and the eBike makes it easy to access and enjoy these trails, providing a closer connection to nature and outdoor activities.

livinginbeauty traveler riding the Qualisports Dolphin folding electric bike passing by Ocracoke Seafood store

Errands and Daily Tasks

Instead of taking the RV to nearby stores, you can quickly and easily take the Dolphin eBike for small grocery runs or to pick up other essentials.

It also makes tasks such as visiting a laundromat, post office, or other necessary stops more convenient, especially in areas where parking a large RV might be challenging.

Extended Travel and Exploration

For destinations slightly farther away from the RV park, the Dolphin eBike offers a practical solution for day trips, with its electric assistance ensuring that you can travel longer distances without getting too fatigued.

Additionally, navigating cities or towns with an RV can be cumbersome, but an eBike provides a nimble and efficient way to explore urban areas, visit museums, parks, and other city attractions.

Model 5 folding order gif

Easily fold and unfold in just three steps.

Ebike Battery anti-theft clamp lock

Secure locking mechanism for safe transport.

Qualisports-folded volador

Easy to carry and handle. The Nemo weighs just 30 pounds with the battery removed.

Dolphin Folding Electric Bike with Batteries Stuffed in the Frame

Optional dual battery for extended rides.

Top Picks for RV Enthusiasts

Must-Have Accessories for RV Life

Elderly person riding the Dolphin electric bike with a front basket carrying a pet dog
Elderly person riding the Dolphin electric bike with a front basket carrying a pet dog
Blue Qualisports Dolphin Folding Electric Bike
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Battery anti-theft clamp lock for Dolphin Ebike
Cerradura de abrazadera para delfín
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Aluminum E-bike Front Rack
Portaequipajes delantero para Dolphin y Volador
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Aluminum E-bike Rear Rack for Qualisports Dolphin
Portaequipajes trasero para Dolphin
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Qualisports Dolphin Folding Electric Bike with Trailer

More accessories coming soon!


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Can electric folding bikes be easily stored in a typical RV?

Yes, Qualisports electric folding bikes are designed to be compact and foldable, making them easy to store in the limited storage compartments of an RV.

Are electric folding bikes suitable for off-road trails?

While electric folding bikes are not specifically designed for intense off-road trails, they can handle light off-road terrain and gravel paths. It's important to choose a model with suitable tires and suspension for your desired riding conditions.

Can I ride an electric folding bike without using the electric assistance?

Yes, Qualisports electric folding bikes typically have multiple riding modes, including pedal-assist and full electric mode. You can choose to ride without using the electric assistance and rely solely on pedaling, just like a regular bicycle.

Can I transport an electric folding bike on a bike rack attached to my RV?

Yes, many RVs are equipped with bike racks that can safely transport electric folding bikes. However, it's essential to ensure that the bike rack is compatible and properly secured to prevent any damage during travel.

Are electric folding bikes allowed on RV campground trails and bike paths?

Regulations may vary depending on the specific RV campground or bike path. It's recommended to check with the campground or local authorities to determine any specific rules or restrictions regarding electric folding bikes.