Qualisports e-bikes are a great investment in yourself and will change how you feel and save you time and money.

Qualisports e-bikes are solid, reliable, great-looking, stylish, fun, and an affordable means of transportation that allow you to embrace the freedom, serenity, and dependability with enough power to take you on treks around the city.

Our bikes are not only great-looking but also are designed to enrich your daily commute by featuring our PASĀ "Pedal Assist System," which extends the human-powered bike experience.

You can controlĀ the speed with the intuitive pedal control. If you need an extra push, it is as easy as a gentle press of the ergonomic lever.

ā€œSPMā€ factor- (Smiles per Mile) is an enjoyable way to ride our bikes, and aĀ great reason to explore your community in a way never thought possible.

Our e-bikes can dramatically increase how often you ride and reduce car trips around town. Our distinctive bike design will have you riding errands, touring the city, or meeting with friends or family in style.

Quality is in our name, and we build our products with quality parts inside and out.