Affiliate Term

As an affiliate, it's important to adhere to certain guidelines and ethical practices to maintain your eligibility in our program. Here are some situations that may result in the cancellation of your affiliate status:

1. Violation of Terms and Conditions: Failure to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in our affiliate agreement can lead to the termination of your affiliate status. It is essential to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions and ensure strict adherence to them.

2. Unethical Marketing Practices: Engaging in unethical marketing practices, such as spamming, misleading advertising, or engaging in any form of fraudulent activity, will lead to the immediate termination of your affiliate status. We uphold high ethical standards and expect our affiliates to promote our products responsibly and with integrity.

3. Brand Misrepresentation: Misrepresenting our brand or products in any way, such as making false claims or using unauthorized branding materials, is strictly prohibited. It is important to accurately represent our brand and provide truthful information to potential customers.

4. Inappropriate Content: Publishing or promoting content that is offensive, discriminatory, or violates copyright laws is not tolerated. Any content that is deemed inappropriate or harmful will result in the cancellation of your affiliate status.

5. Self-Referrals: Generating affiliate commissions through self-referrals, either by making purchases using your own affiliate link or creating fictitious accounts, is strictly prohibited. Our program is designed to reward referrals from genuine customers, and any attempt to manipulate the system will result in the termination of your affiliate status.

6. Breach of Confidentiality: Sharing confidential information, trade secrets, or any proprietary information related to our company or products with third parties is strictly prohibited. Respecting the confidentiality of our partnership is essential to maintaining your affiliate status.

7. Non-Compliance with Legal Requirements: Failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding affiliate marketing, including but not limited to data protection and privacy laws, can result in the termination of your affiliate status. It is your responsibility to ensure that your promotional activities comply with all relevant legal requirements.

These are some general guidelines, and specific terms and conditions may vary depending on the affiliate program. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific guidelines provided by our program and ensure strict adherence to them to maintain your eligibility as an affiliate.