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How to Clean an Electric Bike

How to Clean an Electric Bike

An electric bike is not only a daily commuter but also a very important partner. It brings various convenience to our life, and also brings us health as it helps us to get more exercise. So it is important to pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning so that your electric bike is always in the best condition.

Every bicycle needs cleaning and your Qualibike is no different. Some riders may wonder how often should we clean the e-bike. The answer depends on the frequency of using the bike and the type of terrain on which you ride. Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep the vehicle in a good range of service life.

The following tools are usually used to clean folding bicycles: wrench tool, toothbrush, chain oil, transmission cleaner, and car wash wax.


1. Cleaning Body

One of the first and most common tasks is to clean the body. It is often recommended to wash it directly with a water gun. However, we are more accustomed to the practice of picking up a bucket of clean water, dripping in some car wash wax, and then slowly wiping the entire body with a damp towel. The process might be slow, but it has its benefits: on the one hand, you can carefully check the overall condition of the vehicle, and in the process of wiping, you can find any knocks or obvious faults that need to be repaired; on the other hand, wiping can avoid a lot of water impacting other transmission parts and avoiding noise from the transmission center shaft or bearings.

Cleaning the bodywork is just the first step and can be done easily with wiping. A clean folding bike is not only enjoyable to ride, but it also reduces the damage caused by the long-term lack of cleaning.


2. Cleaning Transmission

After cleaning the body, we will focus on cleaning the transmission part of the folding bike, which mainly contains flywheel, chain and guide wheel. For those who pursue the ultimate cleanliness, they are used to removing the flywheel, chain and guide wheel parts for cleaning. However, in daily life, sometimes we do not have the conditions to disassemble the parts and cannot take them down for cleaning, so we prefer to clean them with a toothbrush after spraying the cleaner.

There are a very large number of transmission cleaners on the market, usually with a spray nozzle bottle design. Turn on the nozzle switch, aim it at the parts to be cleaned, spray some cleaner and leave it for a while so that the cleaner can dissolve the stubborn oil stains on the parts. For stains that can't be dissolved, you need to scrub them repeatedly with a toothbrush, and this is the step where you will feel the most accomplished. It's easy to get great satisfaction from seeing the previously dirty flywheel start to regain its silver color after some cleaning. You can take a discarded hard card and wrap a rag around one end of it so that you can easily clean the stain from the middle crevice of the flywheel.


3. Checking Brakes

Brakes are one of the things we focus on every time we do maintenance, after all, they play a vital role in the riding process. An excellent brake feel not only maintains a better braking effect, but also gives you a safer chance in case of emergency braking.

The brakes are relatively simple to tune. When the wire pulling disc brake is found to be inappropriate in strength, you could check where it most likely needs to be tuned by controlling the variable method. Generally, you need to check if the brake clamp is too large. By adjusting the position, you can easily adjust the brakes to the feel you need. You can also adjust the brake cable strength to maintain a good feel. The maintenance of hydraulic brakes is a bit more complicated, you need to check the brake fluid on the brake handle for air or insufficient brake fluid, and sometimes you may need to change the brake fluid.


4. Checking Shifting

Another factor that affects the ride is the shifting effect and feel of the transmission. A folding ebike that has not been maintained for a long time is prone to poor shifting and even some gears not shifting properly. If you can't replace the shifting cable, you can also control the shifting effect by adjusting the strength of the rear derailleur limit screw. Usually we will screw half a turn for one dimension, and check if it can be shifted properly after screwing.


5. Whole Bike Inspection

After completing the above actions, most of a routine maintenance is over. What remains is a detailed inspection of the whole bike: check whether the tire pressure is normal, whether the seat tube needs to be cleaned, whether the screws of each part are loose, whether the safety function of the folding buckle is normal, etc.

Through maintenance, we can keep our bikes in the best condition for a long time, which in turn will benefit our next ride, and it can accompany us to see more distant scenery.


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